Redwoods vs. Solar Panels

Redwoods vs. Solar Panels

Feb 12, 2008

So you say you're a green environmentally-minded person. You drive a Prius and plant trees in your backyard and think you're pretty high up on the list of earth-lovers. But wait...what's that? Those very same redwoods, planted with such care years ago, are actually keeping your equally eco-friendly, electric-car-driving neighbor from cashing in on the solar energy from his backyard panels. What to do, what to do?

That's the dilemma currently facing Santa Clara county courts. According to a law passed in the 1970's, the Sunnyvale couple who planted the redwoods, almost 5 years before their neighbor installed his solar panels, must cut down their trees. With both sides arguing that they have the environment's best interest at heart, it's a real toughie.

We hope to be the proud owners of solar panels at some point in the near future and understand the concern, but as current homeowners with many beloved trees in our backyard, we can't help but side with the redwood planters. What's your take? Whose green is greener?

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