Reese Witherspoon Has a Smart Solution for Your Under-Sink Storage Problem

published Dec 9, 2020
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Floating sinks are super stylish and can add a modern twist to any bathroom aesthetic. However, these types of sink vanities come with one problem: there’s no built-in under sink storage. Sure, this isn’t an issue if your bathroom comes complete with several closets and shelving systems. But what can one do if a floating sink is on the bathroom redo must-have list alongside more storage? Reese Witherspoon, Instagram queen, has the solution.

Witherspoon posted a picture to her Instagram feed on Nov. 19, and at first, it was hard to see past the small critter in her hood. “My little hood baby dog,” Witherspoon captioned the pic, tagging it with her dog’s name: Minnie Pearl.

But upon further investigation of the scene, Witherspoon’s under-sink storage solution was obvious. She installed a floating shelf below her floating sink vanity, thus creating the perfect floating duo that puts the kibosh on so many families’ bathroom storage woes.

It’s such an easy solution, it feels like a no-brainer. And luckily, it’s a cheap solution, too. Installing a floating shelf below your wall-mounted bathroom vanity takes a single piece of wood cut to the correct size and a couple of brackets on each end. 

Installation does become a bit more complicated when you’re dealing with tiled walls, so if that’s the case in your bathroom, you may want to call in a professional to make sure you don’t end up with cracked tiles and a huge mess.

You could even purchase a floating shelf kit online to simplify the process even more. Just make sure the shelf isn’t wider than your sink vanity, otherwise, you’ll be dealing with bruised shins for days. 

Thank you, Reese Witherspoon, for saving the day, yet again.