Refresh! Quick Style Boosts for Spring

published Apr 20, 2016
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Finally, Spring is here (well, for some of us). The clocks have gone forward, the days are longer and warmer, and suddenly it feels like time is on your side. Why not use some of it to make your house reflect your mood? Read on for some simple tips for top Spring style.

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(Image credit: Cathy Pyle)

Clean Your Windows
This should always be the first port of call in Spring, regardless of what else you do. Brighter, longer days mean more light— let it get inside by washing the winter’s grime off your windows. Trust me, it makes a huge difference.

(Image credit: Hayley Kessner)

Bring the Outside In
Whether you’re blessed with outside space or not, the quickest way to celebrate Spring is to add some green, in the form of living, breathing things, to your decor. Nothing adds life to an interior quite like a new houseplant or potted flower. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, try adding (or relocating) some houseplants to the adjacent room; it’ll give a feeling of flow and continuity to the whole area.

(Image credit: Hayley Kessner)

Play with Pattern (and Color)
In the winter, I’m all about texture in saturated hues and quiet neutrals. A navy velvet sofa here, a grey knitted throw there. But come Spring, I don’t think I’m alone in wanting to see a bit more color and pattern. It’s an easy addition to make with toss cushions, some inexpensive new artwork, or a tableware refresh.

(Image credit: Kim Lucian)

Loosen Your Layout
Winter is all about coziness. Tighter layouts create opportunities for conversation, but in warmer weather we want room to stretch out, enjoy the view and breathe. Rearranging your furniture is an easy (and free!) shake-up to make any time of year, but in Spring, focus on creating good flow, and keeping the eyeline from outside to inside open (i.e., no tall armchairs blocking that beautiful view).

(Image credit: Marie-Lyne Quirion)

Mix Up Your Bedding
Is there anything as delicious as the first night on a new set of sheets? Growing up, I always looked forward to the day my mum would change the sheets from winter flannel to cool, crisp cotton. Treat yourself to a new set (hey, another opportunity for pattern and color!) to welcome the new season. For the ultimate Spring indulgence, I recommend linen.

(Image credit: Esteban Cortez)

Paint a Piece of Furniture
Spring is the best time for a DIY project. You crave change and it suddenly feels like your evenings are hours longer. Put the time to good use by painting a piece of thrift store furniture, easily the most approachable DIY task for a newbie. For extra Spring points, pick a fun color— you can always re-paint in the Fall if you fancy something different by then.