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Regina’s Cure: In the Flesh

updated Jul 18, 2020
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(Image credit: Regina Yunghans)

Being entertained by media that is so easily at your disposal can be alienating. It was bad enough when we all used to watch TV secluded in our homes, but there was still the unifying element of watching the same thing on the same schedule as others. Now, with Netflix and similar media outlets, there is no bond with fellow viewers. Live theater, however, is a heightened experience because you are surrounded by every other person being entertained by that show at that time, sharing and building upon one another’s reactions.

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After the theater, the rest of our media-free evening was a little less exciting, but it included a necessity we’ve been putting off for weeks: ironing out our financial plans for the new year. It’s been easy procrastinating when we can plug in and find distractions at our fingertips. An evening without that helped us to focus, communicate effectively, and find some clarity. With that behind us, we turned in early for a longer-than-normal night of sleep (which is always much needed and typically eaten away by the internet).

How was your media fast? Did it help you to get some work done or find some extra time to relax?