Regina's Cure Project: A Place for Everything

Regina's Cure Project: A Place for Everything

Regina Yunghans
Jan 8, 2014
One toy-riddled corner of the living room.
(Image credit: Regina Yunghans)

Oh, what a difference a year makes! As I work through The January Cure in this new year, I am struck by how I felt about the living room doubling as a playroom exactly one year ago: "To my delight, the carefully-chosen toys we've collected for my son are a perfect complement to our living spaces, and we love having his most-loved belongings right alongside our own." Ha!

Ha ha! Ahhh ha ha ha ha ha, er, ahem, excuse me but that's funny. As my kiddo grows, his taste in toys becomes more and more his own and let's just say it isn't always in keeping with my taste in home decor. So, I'm working on a playroom.

His toys are currently stored in bins in the living room (with a few out on shelves) but bins mean that they get piled on top of one another and don't provide a very good setting for him to focus on what he is looking for. I'd love to have it all out on shelves - in a Montessori-esque manner - and that's just what I want to accomplish during this cure.

The first step toward this coincided nicely with the weekend chore of scrubbing the floors. This got me in gear to vacuum the small finished room in our basement (soon-to-be guest room), move the guest bed down there, then clean the rug and wood floors in the former guest room (soon-to-be playroom). Clearing out the room allowed me to get a fresh perspective and think about how best to create a playroom. I landed on the idea of a long, low stretch of shelves along one wall of the room.

a before shot of the playroom
(Image credit: Regina Yunghans)

Deciding on what shelving to install and hopefully ordering it (and even installing it?) is my goal project for this January Cure, which will be central to organizing the room and freeing up the living room before a Lego takeover. So, this week I started researching options:

  • (2) 58" x 31" IKEA Expedit shelves Turned horizontally, these shelves will fit but will not take up the entire length of the room. I'd prefer something that fits more like it is built-in. Cost: about $270 including shipping (Did I mention we live in an IKEA desert?)
  • (3) custom 42" x 30" shelves A local shop builds unfinished shelves sized to your specifications that you then paint or stain yourself. It's more expensive than the IKEA option but will fit more snugly along the length of the room. In the future, when the playroom becomes a second child bedroom, the center 42" shelf can be removed to form a niche for a twin bed. Cost: about $750
  • Build something ourselves. Even though we're avid DIY-ers, I'm not wild about this prospect. My husband's ramping up for the new school semester and I'm not skilled (or crazy) enough to multitask power tools and child care. However, this would be the best way to get exactly what we're looking for at a good price, so we might just push through and work on this late nights or something. It's definitely still a possibility. Cost: approx. $200 materials and 30 hours labor

That's where I am currently. Oh, and loving slipping and sliding through the house on the newly-clean floors!

(Image credit: Regina Yunghans)


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