Relationship-Saving Tech to Keep You Out of the Dog House

Relationship-Saving Tech to Keep You Out of the Dog House

Jason Yang
Nov 3, 2011

My fellow men, let's face it, we're always going to be in trouble one way or the other. No matter how hard we try to remember, we seem to find ourselves in trouble...yet again. Here are several relationship saving tips to use technology to stay out of the dog house, or at least keep yourself inside the house and on the couch (with a pillow if you're lucky).


What's the biggest thing we get yelled at for? Forgetting to do something that we "promised" to do or go to gets us in a lot of trouble. Luckily there's some great tech that helps us at least remember that we gave our word somehow sometime ago to do something that only one of us (hint: not you) clearly remembers.

Integrate your calendars with shared Google Calendars so that you can always see what's on the schedule. Remember to plug in important dates like her birthday and your anniversary. Use your shiny new iPhone 4S to set location-based reminders so when you're leaving work you don't forget to pick up the dry-cleaning (or the kids). Set your computer screen as a big post-it-note.

The toilet seat stays down!

Equally as mind blowing is the toilet seat. If women require the seat down 2 of 2 ways and men 1 of 2, then shouldn't we only have to put the seat down every other time? That would make it the most equitable based on usage, right? Well we tried to sell that to our SO and it didn't fly so well (logic rarely does). These automatically closing toilets might be extraordinarily expensive, but they might just be the relationship saver we're looking for.

Turn off the lights and stop wasting electricity.

Okay so even if leaving the lights on only costs a little extra in electricity costs it's still a wasteful thing to spend money on. Save money and your relationship by installing motion sensor or programmable timer lights in the spots you most generally forget to turn off the lights. We've got them all over the house in closets, the kitchen, as well as strategically placed outside.

Honey Do Lists
Ok, we admit we simply won't remember anything you verbally tell us to do unless we write it down. And even then the results are questionable, especially if we don't remember (see first tip). Try some of these great task managers and to do list apps.

Did you forget to lock the door?

Install an electronic door lock that automatically locks the door behind you after 30 seconds. You won't accidentally get locked out either because you can use the keypad to get back in without an actual key.

Did you leave the oven on?

As with turning off lights, we could simply remember or use a low tech method but really, that's not what we men do when there's an overly complex tech way to solve the same problem. There are fire alarms that text you when they go off, but we think that might be a little too late and we'd still get in trouble for something as silly as burning down the house.

Get the perfect gift
If your S.O. shops on Amazon, check out her wish list and recently viewed items.
gift finders or suggestions based on her preferences and info. Amazon also has a feature that lets you see what other people have bought based on similar browsing history - "Customers Who Bought Items in Your Recent History Also Bought."

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