Relax in a DIY Hammock

Even if a vacation out of town isn’t on your agenda this summer, you can still nap like you are on a tropical island. Grab a cheesy novel, a tropical drink with the requisite umbrella and crawl into one of these DIY hammocks to spend an afternoon away from it all in the warm summer sun.

These hammocks range from easy to work intense, but does it really matter how much work is involved since the sole purpose of your end result is relaxing!


Canadian House and Home has a full feature on 2 different DIY hammocks depending on your style: the country-style and the city-slicker. And no hammock would be complete without some sort of pillow. They also include instructions on how to make a box-style ground cushion and a terrycloth-covered neck roll.

• Last summer, we featured this Inexpensive DIY Hammock pulled from the ReadyMade archives. Using just a blanket and some ropes, your hammock will be ready just in time for a nap this afternoon.

• This DIY hammock from ReadyMade takes snow fencing and turns it into something meant just for warm days. Since the construction material won’t fade or absorb water, this is one hammock that could last for years to come.

Images: 1 – Canadian House and Home, 2 – ReadyMade, 3 – Bryan McCay for ReadyMade