5 Common Things in Your Bedroom That Could be Stressing You Out

updated May 3, 2019
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Your bedroom should be a calming space. That’s why it’s important to know which things in your bedroom—clutter, lighting, and even your color palette— might be accidentally stressing you out.

Thankfully, we have holistic-minded interior designer Carolyn DiCarlo to call upon for advice. Because she takes an integrated approach to designing for the senses, we asked DiCarlo for help figuring out what elements in our bedrooms might be surprising stressors, and she had lots to share.

From bold colors to bad air circulation, read ahead for five things in your bedroom that could be killing your chill…

1. You use your bedroom as an office

Setting up a home workstation near where you’re trying to rest is a mismatch of energy, DiCarlo says. “How can you relax and unwind in your bedroom if you’re still plugged in and all charged up? You need downtime, that’s what a bedroom is for.”

2. The colors of the room are too strong

When it comes to color palettes, DiCarlo suggests sticking with soothing hues for your bedroom. “Think ‘zen’ and search for paint colors that don’t overpower you or the room,” she says. “Very light blue-grays, blush, and other soft muted tones allow you to feel at ease and appreciate the subtler elements of the space.”

3. Not enough light or air circulation

“This one is so important,” says Di Carlo, stressing the importance of fresh air and light to our overall wellness. “Take into consideration the airflow throughout the room, and invest in a ceiling fan or air purifier to help keep the air from getting stagnant. Also make sure to wash your windows regularly and open your curtains in the morning to let in as much natural sunlight as possible.”

4. Your bed is in a bad location in the bedroom

DiCarlo says a bad bedroom layout can lend a poor mental energy for the whole space—especially if you’re constantly afraid of bumping your shins. “You don’t want your bed in the path of circulation,” she explains.

5. You have piles of stuff in the corner(s) to go through

According to DiCarlo, visual clutter can make or break your bedroom ambience. “Take the time for your mental health and clean up your bedroom clutter,” she says. “Get in the habit of putting things away when you’re done using them, and shutting drawers and closet doors to avoid visual distractions. It will clear your mind of clutter, too.”