(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There is a BIG world of design junkies out there While we like to think of ourselves as practical, everyday types, we like to take tours into the outer fringes of design every so often (re: the radiator yesterday and Inga Sempé’s Long Pot at right).

We heard about when we got an email from one of the editors, Joost van Brug, a few months ago, and we’d like to think that he is writing from some small, cool town in Holland. BUT he may be holed up in a student apartment in Patterson, NJ for all we know.

Either way, we recommend Reluct for those of you who want to follow new European and International design. They post a few pieces a day and have their fingers dipped into ponds that we don’t know about. When you are task chair surfing the web at lunch, check it out. MGR