Rembot & Baby Shark's Smaller, Cooler Room

Rembot & Baby Shark's Smaller, Cooler Room

Beth Callaghan
Oct 13, 2011

Names and Ages: Two girls: Rembot, 3 and Baby Shark, 20 months... and a baby on the way (gender unknown)
Location: Connecticut
Room Size: Approximately 10 x 9

You may be feeling like you've got déjà vu. You've seen that room somewhere before! Indeed, you have--Rembot and Baby Shark's room was one of our Smaller, Cooler entries, and this room was one of the runners up in the Shared Room Category. We wanted to find out a little more about the fantastic room that Roo from Nice Girl Notes put together for her two toddler girls. Check out what we learned after the jump!

Roo's challenge in reorganizing her daughters' room was fitting, as she puts it, 85% of their worldly possessions in a 98 square foot room. One solution was to get rid of the dresser and replace it with a shelving system and baskets that can corral all kinds of toys and other supplies. Clothes are all stashed in the closet on hangers, and each girl has a set of bins on her own shelf for folded items. Shoes are gathered in a bin on the floor. Although the cribs don't have much space underneath, it's used as much as possible for storage as well.

There are also two fantastically unique elements in the girls' room: a homemade dollhouse that Roo designed with two empty drawers, and a group of "quiet time activity bins" housed in vintage-looking metal lunchboxes. The activity boxes contain small, unique toys that the girls don't play with all the time, and they use them when Roo needs half an hour to fold laundry or start dinner. You can learn more about her brilliant system here; we also love that the lunch boxes actually add to the decor of the room.

How would you describe the look and feel of this room? Hmm, it's definitely light & airy.. some bright colors without being visually assaulting. It has a little bit of a cute old-timey feel to it - with the gingham and the cherries and the needlepoint bunnies. I wanted to make it cute and feminine without it feeling like we're drowning in pink. Keeping the walls neutral makes it easy for the girls to grow with the room. Should they, say, hate the pennant banner in a couple of years (please don't! I love it! haha), it's easy enough to take down.

In your entry for the Smaller Cooler Contest, people seem to have really responded to your color scheme. How did you land on this combination of colors? Most of the walls in the house are painted a light, neutral color, so I just extended that to the girls' room. I didn't realize it, but I have a lot of red and light blue in my house, so I guess my love for that translated into me putting a lot of red and blue in the girls' room. And then I added touches of soft pink, and I love the way it turned out. It sorted of started out with the pennant banner. I went to the fabric store and found some fabric I fell in love with, and everything in the room is a reflection of the colors in the pennant banner. I bought a little red table; I painted their closet doors blue, etc.

What do your friends and family say about the room? Mostly "Daaang this room is tiny" and "Oooh it's cute and charming" and "Where do you hide all their stuff?"

What difficulties did you encounter designing a room for two kids of different ages? Hmm, organizing their toys in such a fashion so that the little one doesn't get ahold of anything too small/hazardous. They've always shared a room, and though we've had a few bumps during sleep-time, they really enjoy sharing this space together.

You are having another baby in the spring. Any plans to add the baby's space into this bedroom? My husband and I actually joked about this the other day. "If this next baby's a girl, do you want to try putting three to a cell?" I actually have no idea how that would work. We'd have to do bunk beds, I suppose, and they're a few years out from being old enough for that.

But if I did, I'd probably just make that room sleeping and dressing only, and find another place for their toys and books.

Is there anything you'd change about the room if you had to do it over? I might have purchased cribs with a little bit more space under them. Right now, I can only slide puzzles under Rembot's bed, and I keep extra wipes (we buy them in bulk) under Sharky's crib. It would have been nice to be able to fit storage containers under their cribs.

If money were no object, what's your dream source? I really like Land of Nod. We purchased their strapping cubes, and they've been great for the room.

Cribs: IKEA
Mounted Shelf: IKEA
Strapping Cubes: Land of Nod
Curtains: Pottery Barn Kids
Bookcase: Expedit from IKEA
Wall Letters: JoAnn Fabrics
Table: IKEA
Book Baskets: JoAnn Fabrics
Pennant: made at home
Wall Art: scrapbook paper trimmed in ribbon!
Owl: made from pennant scraps, tutorial here
Pink Metal Bin: Target
Dollhouse: made at home, tutorial here

Thanks, Roo! Visit Roo and learn more at Nice Girl Notes.

(Images: Nice Girl Notes)

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