Remove a Broken Lightbulb with a Plastic Water Bottle

Remove a Broken Lightbulb with a Plastic Water Bottle

Taryn Williford
Jun 10, 2009

So we're sure you all know the old potato trick for removing the metal threaded base of a broken light bulb from a socket. The idea is to get a good grip on the broken piece without actually touching the likely-to-shock stubborn bit or the socket it's lodged in. But even a raw potato doesn't work every time. Here's a good trick to keep in your home remedies arsenal...

This tip was posted on Instructables by user prabbit22m.

All you need is a plastic water bottle and a flame. Remove the lid and collar completely from the neck of the bottle, then use a match or lighter to melt down the neck and shape it, like this:

Then, just press the melted bottle into the broken piece in the socket and the bit should come out smoth and easy when you twist it. (As always, make sure the lamp or light fixture is off and unplugged.)

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Just look:

Now this is obviously for the old school incandescents. But if you've got a broken CFL bulb and need to know how to take care of that mess, check out this post: Clean Up a Broken CFL.

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