Remove Crayon From Your Flat Screen With WD-40

Remove Crayon From Your Flat Screen With WD-40

Sarah Rae Smith
Apr 21, 2010

Earlier today over at Ohdeedoh, there was talk about removing crayon from different areas of your home. One particular tip caught our attention and although we hope it doesn't happen to you, we think it's always best to be prepared! Have you ever had crayon artfully displayed on your flat screen TV? Here's how to remove it!

According to home helpers website DIY Life, all it takes to rid your flat panel television sets of a tiny tot masterpiece, is a can of WD-40. The process is as simply as applying the WD-40 to your screen and wiping off with a microfiber cloth.

We will make the suggestion of applying the WD-40 to a towel and holding it against the screen's surface instead of spraying it directly on the unit. After a few minutes (or as long as you can hold the towel in place) buff things off with your microfiber cloth and things should come clean.

The same premise should also work on your laptop screen, that is after you string your children up by their toes (we kid... kind of), though please proceed with caution and again apply to a second towel towel instead of direct spraying of your screen!

Have you tried this idea in the past? Let us know how it turned out below!

(via: DIY Life)
(Image: and Flickr members, ATWJ -, LGEPR licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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