Remove Pills From Winter Sweaters With Sandpaper

Remove Pills From Winter Sweaters With Sandpaper

Sarah Rae Smith
Feb 8, 2010

There's some things, that no matter how useful they are, we just can't bring ourselves to purchase due to their uni-tasker nature (thank you Alton Brown). One of those being a sweater depiller. It's not like we don't need one, but it's just something else to take up space in our bathroom drawer — so instead we're turning to our tool chest.

Our friends over at Readymade, tweeted earlier that using sandpaper on even your finest of sweaters is an easy way to keep them pill free. They suggested rubbing your sweater with the sandpaper in one direction to remove the pills.

At first we thought the idea was super neat, then we got worried it would harm our sweaters. So being the diligent guinea pigs that we are, we thought we'd test the idea out for you. We had super star results and with a few quick strokes, all of our pills were removed and our sweater looked good as new!

This would also be a great tip for blankets or pillows that have a tendency to pill up as well. Now you can get rid of that pile in the corner of sweaters that need a little attention and get them back into commission. Do you have a quirky tip we should all know about? Don't forget to drop us a line and let us know!

(Image: Sarah Rae Trover)

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