Removing toilet ring stain with a pumice stone?

Removing toilet ring stain with a pumice stone?

Mar 11, 2008

We've had a stubborn toilet ring situation that wouldn't go away. Looking into various methods of removing it, we came across several sites mentioning using a pumice stone. It sounded like a good theory, so we tried it out. Read our experience after the jump...

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First off, we have to admit, the idea of using a stone to scrape away the residue made sense, but also seemed a little scary. Would it damage the porcelain? Most of what we read said no, it wouldn't - so we gave it a go. Here's the before (sorry, for the blurry picture and bad lighting):

Now, we have to admit, we've never used a pumice stone before. So, we went in blindly. We purchased a brush at the local drug store in the cosmetics area that had a pumice stone attached on the back of it (NOTE: it actually looks like this, not the one in the picture above). We got our gloves on, got the stone wet, and gave it a go. At first it appeared that it was getting some of the residue off, but after awhile, it seemed like a lot of effort for little results. A friend of ours said she had a similar experience and ended up just using a stronger cleaner, like a CLR or LimeAway. We had some LimeAway and decided to pour it in. We noticed that certain areas of the ring immediately started fizzing and it looked like it was eating it away, but then after awhile and a little light scrubbing with the normal toilet brush, the ring was lighter, but still there. Finally, we decided to give the pumice stone another try and sure enough, we could see it was effectively removing all the residue and within a few minutes the ring was completely gone.

Here is the after: (ok, yeah, we added the sparkles but you get the idea...hehe)

Perhaps we just needed to loosen up the residue? In the end, a combination of both cleaner and pumice stone worked well for us. And indeed, the stone did not harm the porcelain. We're curious if anyone else has had any experiences with using a pumice stone for toilet ring stain removal? Anyone have any other tips? Please share in the comments!

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