Re-nest Book Club: Chapters 14 – 17

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Barbara Kingsolver takes on a lot in chapters 14 -17 of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle — harvesting animals, canning tomatoes, Italian cuisine, and Thanksgiving. However, we’re guessing that you, like us, think the most controversial of all the chapters in this meaty book is Chapter 14 “You Can’t Run Away on Harvest Day.”

In Chapter 14, Kingsover discusses what she calls the “harvesting” of animals, and details the harvesting of a rooster. She also takes some time to defend the humane harvesting of animals for food, and dismissing the idea of a “vegan version” of civilization.

Was it just us, or was there a bit of disdain on Kingsolver’s part when she discusses veganism (and vegetarianiam, for that matter)?

What are your thoughts on Kingsolver’s lenghty and thought-provoking chapter on the “processing” and eating of animals?

For next week: The time has come — let’s finish this book.

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