Renovation Resolution: Robin's Fabric Artwork

Renovation Resolution: Robin's Fabric Artwork

Alejandra Valera
Jan 9, 2008

During the month of January, we'll be posting photos and tips on DIY renovation projects from our readers. The first twenty submissions posted will receive an AT bib or T-shirt. Please click here for all the details.

One of the easiest way to change the dynamic of any room is by adding art. It's particularly special if you are the artist behind the work. Robin explains to us how she created this textured piece:

Your city and location: Valparaiso, Indiana

Details of your project (what you did, materials used, how long it took, level of difficulty, etc.):
Artwork made from

  • Chicken Wire w/ ½" square openings

  • Wire Cutters

  • Band Saw or Jig Saw

  • Various Fabric Strips

  • Screws and ¾" Diameter Washers

  • Oriented Strand Board

  • Green Wood Stain

  • Heavy Duty Picture Hanging hardware

It took me a couple of weekends to complete this project and probably about 8 hours in total.


  1. Cut ½" strips of various fabric patterns.

  2. Cut the chicken wire to the desired size using the wire cutters.

  3. Cut the OSB sheet to be a couple of inches larger than the chicken wire to create a nice background to the project using a jig saw or have the local hardware store cut it to size for you.

  4. Insert and weave fabric through chicken wire. Be sure to experiment with the patterns that are created. Feel free to leave openings in the wire to create voids in the design.

  5. Drill holes in the osb where you want to attach the chicken wire.

  6. Sand and paint the osb sheet with the wood stain. Allow the natural grain of the osb to show through.

  7. Attach the chicken wire to the osb using the metal washers and screws. (refer to the photo for how this should look)

  8. Attach the picture hanging hardware.

Your best tip for starting/finishing the project: Go bold with color and experiment with interested sizes. This is a cheap and easy way to liven up a room.

Thanks, Robin!

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