Lazy and Loving It: Make These 7 Smart Choices Now To Save Yourself Cleaning Time Later

Lazy and Loving It: Make These 7 Smart Choices Now To Save Yourself Cleaning Time Later

Jennifer Hunter
Oct 10, 2016
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If you dream of never cleaning again (don't we all?) then sorry, you're out of luck. We're not magicians. But if you're thinking of renovating your home, we can help you make some strategic choices that will pay off down the road.

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1. Master the mud room — Get one - even if the size of your entryway dictates that it might only be a good doormat and place to leave your shoes. Having a barrier between the outside and your inside is key for keeping that inside cleaner longer. If you can spare the space, this is a game changer.

2. Forget wall-to-wall — If you want to be a slave to your vacuum then, by all means, choose carpet. If you're after ease of cleaning however, hard floors are really the way to go. Keep things comfortable by adding plenty of area rugs which can be removed and cleaned periodically or even replaced if need be. It's so much easier and cheaper than ripping up your stained wall-to-wall.

3. Embrace black grout — Black grout will hide a multitude of sins in both the kitchen and the bathroom and no one has to know you chose it because it you don't like scrubbing grout.

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4. Just say no to open shelving — You know what lazy people love? Closing the door on a mess and calling it a day. Pick classic cabinets and you won't have to worry about color coding your mugs or think about dust falling on your plates.

5. Eschew stainless steel — High-end, glossy appliances may be trendy (although that's slowly changing) but they can be murder to maintain. Can you say streak city? If you don't want to deal with specialty cleaning products and constant fingerprints, then consider choosing a more classic appliance finish.

6. Choose cabinets that reach the ceiling — Every lazy person's nightmare is that awkward space between the top of the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. Not only is it useless, it's almost always got a combination of grease and dust going on that is nearly impossible to reach and clean properly. Pick longer cabinets and not only can you avoid this particular cleaning nightmare, but bonus, you'll get some extra storage space as well.

7. Pick the right paint — Matte paint may look chic but if you know you'll need to wipe it frequently, don't even think about it. The glossier the finish, the easier it will be the clean and the better your paint will hold up to wear and tear (that's why bathrooms and kitchens usually use semi-gloss). Must have matte? Try the ceiling!

Re-edited from a post originally published 10.11.2014 - NT

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