DIY Project: Repurpose a Coffee Table Into A HDTV Stand

DIY Project: Repurpose a Coffee Table Into A HDTV Stand

Range Govindan
Jul 14, 2009

With HDTVs getting thinner and thinner, and even being able to stream your NetFlix movies directly without any extra hardware, you'll need less and less space to showcase them. That being said, we don't think that everyone can spend hundreds of dollars to get something sleek and spiffy. That's why we thought that turning a coffee table into a HDTV stand would be a great idea.

It's always a great idea to search for cheap items on Craigslist. It's great for Ikea bits and pieces. We've looked around at TV stands and some of the designer models can be quite expensive. In the end, they just prop your TV up so that you can see it properly. Depending on the size of your HDTV, you'll need to have a TV stand of different height. Some of the larger models won't even need the extra table legs featured in this build. The two photos above show this. If you have a smaller model, you'll need a neat coffee table that you'll be able to prop up your HDTV and act as a TV stand.

Tim needed a TV stand that was tall enough so that he could see his HDTV from the corner of his couch. He was initially using an old dining table, but it got messy quickly with unseemly wires, the bane of Unplggd and any homeowner of course. He looked around for some TV stands, but in his opinion, they looked tacky and expensive. He wanted something more modern and original. Then, he got the idea of trying to put a swanky coffee table on top of the base of the restaurant table. This would give a sort of shelf to store the DVD player and components. It would also prop the HDTV high enough so that he could see it.

He searched Craigslist for a deal and found this Ikea table which was perfect. It was wide enough to fit his TV, and modern looking. Now come the easy part. He marked the center of the coffee table, mounted the diner table base to the Ikea coffee table with some wood screws. Presto! For now, the cables look a little sloppy, but he could easily work on this to make them look neater. In total, he spent $70. $30 for the restaurant table and $40 for the Ikea table.

We reckon that there are ways on cutting down on those costs by visiting the Ikea free scrap bin. The base that Tim used could easily be substituted by a bunch of Ikea table legs. Since these are easy to break, you should be able to find them there. The coffee table is kind of the centerpiece of this build, so it's best to choose one that looks good. Ikea stuff is easy to find second-hand and we have no doubt that you'll be able to find them cheaply. Coffee tables tend to be changed more often than other pieces of furniture since they are largely bought for looks not utility. This means that finding a swanky coffee table to fit the bill of this build should be an easy task. [via Ikea Hacker, top image by Dearsomeone via CC license, second image by Daysies via CC license]

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