Repurpose A Frame To Keep Kids Under Control

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Many parents are feeling a little pent up with so many snow days plaguing the country right now and little ones seem to be testing our last nerve. So when the going gets tough, the tough make a board to help kids remember to be awesome!

Kids are always up to a challenge and even if you have little rascals that seem to test your patience day in and day out, this quick craft might help them rise to the occasion. It’s not that we believe being good should always come with a reward, but you better bet your bottom dollar that if it was a competition to see who could be better — myself or my brother — well then I was going to win!

Sometimes kids just need something to help keep them on track instead of always being bombarded with a list of things they shouldn’t or can’t do. All you need is an old frame and a dry erase marker! Check out more details on this craft over at Creations by Kara.