Repurpose Discarded Detergent Bottles Into Lighting

Repurpose Discarded Detergent Bottles Into Lighting

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 15, 2010

We have a thing for recycled, repurposed, or DIY lighting ideas. It stems from the insanely high prices of designer lamps and their shades when we think darn well we could make something just as cool. Take Rui Pereira, for example — after collecting detergent bottles from the local laundromat, he has been able to make colorful shades with the help of a heat gun.

After cutting the bottles into manageable pieces, they were heated with a heat gun against a metal form. He completed the project by running a cord through the center of the chandelier and weighting it with a water jug.

Although there would be some chemical release when the melting process occurs, which concerns us (please make sure to wear a mask or re-breather if you try this at home), we still like the idea of repurposing an item that's found in such abundance. If you used the same type of detergent, things would look slightly less haphazard, yet still fun and funky.

You can read more about the creation over at Home Tone.

(via/Image: Home Tone)

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