Repurposed Storage at a 90˚ Angle

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We talk a lot about repurposing around here, but it can be a bit difficult to look at the same old things in new ways, no matter how motivated we are to save money or reuse an object. But this mudroom idea from Sunset, in the first photo above, inspired us to look at containers from another angle.

1 Galvanized planters are tipped and mounted above coat hooks for storage of cold-weather gear (from Sunset).
2 Traditional rowboats can be turned on end to make untraditional living room storage. These Nova Scotia Skiffs are narrower and a bit more elegant than the old ones we’re used to seeing (from Canadian Woodworking).
3 This design uses the form of coat hangers to make a convertible coat rack.
4 Drawers from an old chest are papered, painted and stacked to make handy modular storage.
5 Similar to the modular storage idea above, these drawers are wall mounted to display a collection of knick-knacks in pride of place above the couch.