Resolution Renovation: A Lamp to Grow With

Resolution Renovation: A Lamp to Grow With

Alejandra Valera
Feb 1, 2008

This final entry wraps up our Resolution Renovation month. Many thanks to the readers who submitted their projects and inspired us.

Audrey sent us details of a great lamp makeover she made for her daughter. "I needed a pretty lamp for my little girl's nursery but didn't want the usual nursery-themed lamps since I'd like her to like this lamp when she's 15!" Here's how Audrey did it...

Your city and location: Melbourne, Australia

Details of your project (what you did, materials used, how long it took, level of difficulty, etc.):
I had a rice paper lamp that had turned moldy from condensation and poor placement and decided to DIY a new lamp myself! The before pic was taken years ago when it wasn't moldy yet... (and a whole design crisis stage ago).

1. The ricepaper and old polypropelene sheets were affixed to the frame with three tiny nut and bolts... So off they came and into the bin the sheets went.

2. I kept one polypropolene sheet so I could get use it as template for new sheets.

3. Got two polyprolene sheets at the local art supplies store for $20.

4. These are large sheets and cutting them to size took more than precision, they needed brawn too. So I'd get someone else to hold the sheets down onto the cutting mat so it doesn't slip around while you trace your way around the old template with a very firmly held large pen-knife.

5. I collect paper for my work and tested most of them against the cut polyprolene sheets and the lamp. Papers look very different against different lights, etc.

6. I chose Papillon Rouge by Cristina Re which is a dark red flocked butterfly print paper. Red to suit my little girl's room (which I'm slowly turning into a red and white happy space).

7. I had to get three sheets of Papillon Rouge. I taped these sheets together to make one continuous sheet. (A4 sized sheets were the right height of the lamp.)

8. Wrap the first polypropelene sheet around the frame of the lamp. Secure with double sided tape on the top frame to keep in temporary place. These things aren't easy to work with so I used my bone folder to mark the top edges of the frame on the sheet itself to where the frame bent. Then folded the sheet down using the bone folder to create the crease.

9. Wrap the chosen paper around the polypropelene sheet and secure with double sided tape. I taped 3 sheets together to make one long continuous sheet.

10. Wrap the outer polypropelene sheet around the whole thing and this time, after folding it down on each side with the bone folder, secure the assistance of someone else and mark a point in three spots on the OUTER layer of polypropelene where you will screw in the three tiny nut and bolts.

11. Use sharp implement (we used chopsticks, heh!) to puncture holes through the paper and the first polypropelene sheet for the nut and bolts. CAUTION: muscles required.

12. Screw together the nuts and bolts.

Difficulty: medium (more fiddly, if anything, rather than skills-based)

What a great job. We're sure your daughter will treasure that lamp for years to come. Thanks, Audrey!

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