The Textile Lover's Diary

The Textile Lover's Diary

Geoff Bentz
Mar 30, 2010

Thanks to the gentleman over at well-plaid for turning us onto The Textile Lover's Diary, an online dictionary that breaks down all the textile terms you never thought you'd love to know.

From airplane cloth to zephyrized, Textile Lover's has your answer to everything and anything textile.

Test your textile knowledge and match the above images with the terms below.

• Awning stripe: Duck woven with stripes (yarn dyed) for awnings and lawn umbrellas. May be used for couch covers and chair seats.

• Flock dot: Same as composition or paste dot. Dots or figures on Swiss or voile when not woven or embroidered but applied chemically. Dots are usually permanent and washable.

• Glazed chintz: Both chintz and plain color fabrics are treated with paraffin and calendered. Used for curtains, lampshades, slip covers and upholstery. Better qualities may be washed like oilcloth

• Jute: Coarse, brown fibre obtained from the stalk of a plant in India. Used in burlap, cordage and the backing for low grade rugs and carpets.

• Oilcloth: Cotton fabric coated with a preparation of linseed oils and pigments. 1. Floor oilcloth made on a burlap base, treated with linseed oil, ochre and other pigments. Printed, varnished. 2. Table oilcloth has a foundation of muslin treated with oil, turpentine and amber. May be printed. Soft pliable oilcloth gives better wear than a stiff brittle one. Smooth, dull or pebbled finish. Plain or napped back. White, black, green or printed.

(answers: 1:Oilcloth; 2:Jute; 3:Awning Stripe; 4:Glazed chintz; 5:Flock dot)

Images: 1 The Haystack Needle; 2 psfk; 3 Kaboodle; 4 The House of Beauty and Culture; 5 Canberra's Got Style

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