Retractable Screen Doors: Cool Your Space Without AC!

updated May 6, 2019
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The United States makes up a fraction of the world’s population, and yet we consume about half the world’s energy. Most of that energy is spent on heating and cooling! Instead of habitually switching on your air conditioner, use screen doors to create cross breeze. These retractable screen doors make it easy, sliding open and close in the tightest of spaces. Read more to find out how…

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Small space friendly, retractable doors don’t need the space that regular doors need to swing open and close, so they work great at apartments and any type of tight corner. They’re basically like roller shades shades on a window, but instead of retracting up and down, they retract sideways into a thin, sleek, completely encased holder.

Why Retractable Screen Doors are Great:

  • Cools your space without using energy.
  • Attractive and sleek! Invisible when “closed,” your door frame isn’t muddied by an ugly screen door.
  • Doors are about twice as large as conventional windows, so they’re a huge resource for cross breeze ventilation.
  • Small space friendly. You don’t need the space that regular doors need to swing open and close.
  • Clean the air in your space by reducing indoor air pollution. The EPA says that the indoor air of the average American home is hundreds of times worse than the air directly outside of it.
  • Save a lot of money. Reining in the impulse to use air conditioner will dramatically reduce your monthly bill.

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