5 Ways To Re-Use Pool Noodles As Home Decor

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re always on the lookout for great kid-friendly decor ideas, especially when they’re of the DIY variety. Even though it’s not summer time yet and most of us aren’t heading to the pools anytime soon, there is a chance you could be Spring cleaning your garage and getting ready to ditch a few of last years pool noodles. Before you do, check out these 5 ideas to put them to use in your children’s spaces!

The suggestions below all use slices of a pool noodle or float in one way or another. A small hack saw, electric kitchen knife or even serrated knife from your knife block should do the trick. This is obviously something for adults and not children, but they could probably help you wrangle the thing and help hold it still as you cut! Here’s how to put your newly cut pieces to use:

• Curtains or Room Dividers: We have to give credit where it’s due and say thanks to Jessica Wilson over at Craftzine who made this amazing pool noodle curtain. It’s not only thrifty, but pretty great to look at no matter how old you are. Make sure to read up on how to make your own, it’s a really rad tutorial you don’t want to miss!

• Stamps: Taking a noodle with a fun shape and cutting it into slices is a great way to create stamps for kids to play with. Dip them in paint and paper or even into sidewalk chalk paint and stamp away in your driveway before the next rain!

• Bath Toys: Obviously, most bathtubs won’t be large enough to accommodate a full length pool noodle, but by cutting one down you can have a whole new tub full play things. A few in a gift bag would also make a fun and inexpensive party favor.

• Mobiles: Using an embroidery hoop (they even sell plastic ones in bright colors now!), a little fishing line and cut up pool noodle, you could create quite the mobile out of fun shapes that is super lightweight. A Spring breeze through the window would be enough to give it a little movement making it a fun project for sure.

• Blocks: Even though the word “block” usually evokes thoughts of square wooden models, we think different shape chunks of a pool noodle would be a great change of pace. Cut slices, angles and any shape your heart desires. They’d be great to play with in the backyard, or even a kiddy pool for a little added fun, plus there’s no worry if they get left out when everyone comes inside for some lemonade!

Do you have any ideas on how to put a pool noodle to use? Let us know in the comments below!