These Are the Last Measuring Spoons I’ll Ever Need to Buy (And They’re Only $10)

updated May 3, 2019
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When I give decluttering advice, I will always give you permission to get rid of duplicate kitchen tools. That’s because it’s a purchasing problem I always seem to fall victim to myself. I’ve had my fair share of kitchen tools that I don’t love, that I get new versions of, and that I keep all versions of for all the usual reasons: What if one breaks? What if I have people helping me in the kitchen and we both need it? What if I’m baking three pies at once and the others are all dirty?

There’s one kitchen tool, though, that I found the perfect iteration of. I even bought a duplicate. On purpose, this time.

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These OXO measuring spoons solve everything that’s tricky about these ubiquitous and necessary kitchen tools. They stainless steel, so they’re strong, but their handles are covered in plastic, so they’re comfortable. A small magnet at the end of each handle keeps the set in a nice stack in the drawer, whether the whole spoon family is together or just part.

This means that I can take, say, the ½ teaspoon spoon out of the set and use that spoon alone—without a bunch of other spoons jangling like a set of baking keys while I measure out my spices. Furthermore, I can take that used spoon to the sink right away without saying goodbye to my whole set and without setting the whole set down, dirty spoon and all, to use another spoon later.

Yes I could take a single spoon off its ring, but I, for one, don’t have the patience for that (or for putting them back on the ring later). But I also don’t love rifling through a stack of loose measuring spoons in the drawer.

These magnetic measuring spoons offer the best of both worlds: Separate spoons for usage and easy cleaning along with “together” spoons for orderly storage. They’re the best.