Review: TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme w/ Adjustable Base

Review: TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme w/ Adjustable Base

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 31, 2015

Bed: TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Mattress & Advanced Ergo Adjustable Base
Manufacturer: Tempur-Pedic
Retail Price: $2,399 for Full Mattress & $1,700 for Adjustable Base

April was Tempur-Pedic month in my year in bed, a 12-month deep dive into mattress testing. If you're going to try a memory foam bed, you've got to try Tempur-Pedic, and so we did. What did we think? While it confirmed our personal antipathy for memory foam in general, it was certainly more comfortable than the other pure foam beds that we've tried to date and much more exciting for Ursula, who loved the adjustable bed feature with the remote control wand. Bottom line, if the memory foam experience is your thing, this is a good choice.

Sleep Experience

• Good

The memory foam experience is a very personal thing, and both of us - having tested a lot of beds now - would not choose it. While the super squishy feeling can be extremely alluring as you first lie down, to us it comes to seem "muddy" and very much in need of more air circulation as it sleeps warm. To solve that problem, we'd recommend a natural topper of some kind to provide a really breathable layer.

→ Do you sleep on a Tempurpedic bed? If yes, please let me know in the comments how it's going for you.

The Tempur-Cloud Supreme is a very soft offering with an 11" deep sandwich of various foam layers - with memory foam on the very top. It does "lightly conform to your body", which reduces the amount of pressure you feel in any one place as well as stopping "motion transfer between sleep partners." It was the squishiest of the all-foam beds that we have tried, and for those who prefer this feeling, they should be quite happy. It's the thing memory foam does really well.

The Ergo Adjustable Base was a nice add-on to this test month, but we did not find that we used it much (our daughter did). It adjusts the height of both your head and feet independently which works flawlessly, AND it has a built in massage functionality that is a bit underwhelming. Both of us surmised that it would be particularly useful for watching TV from bed, but we don't have one in our bedroom. Personally, this type of adjustability seems like overkill, unless you're in a hospital-like or recovery situation.

We also tested two Tempur-Cloud pillows that we did not favor over our traditional feather filled pillows as they were heavy and not as soft when wanting to sleep on our backs. They were perfect, however, as body pillows (which is one of Sara's favorite things to sleep with).


• Good/Poor

While I had no doubt about the quality of the construction of the foam mattress and the heavy steel adjustable base with a compressor and motor mounted underneath, it was impossible for us to get over the strong odor off-gassing from the foam, paired with the lack of any natural materials that we would consider a necessary balance to all of the rest.

Again, this can be considered a personal preference, but as most foam bed makers are now answering the call to be more eco-minded, I consider this a very high personal preference given the number of hours a day we spend in bed.

Here's a description of this bed's ingredients:

  • Comfort Layer - 2" of extra-soft TEMPUR-ES™ material
  • Support Layer - 2" of TEMPUR® material
  • Base Layer - 7" Dual AirFlow System™
  • Cover Fabric - Swirl SuperStretch top and bottom with white accent piping, and Ecru MicroSuede sides


• Good

I remember when my brother shelled out a ton of money to buy a Tempur-Pedic mattress years ago. Prices have really come down since then. While you probably pay more for the Tempur-Pedic name, this mattress is priced on the same level with the other brand name premium foam mattress we tried. As for the adjustable base, it adds a lot to the price but is a very serious piece of machinery.

Bottom line, memory foam mattresses run more expensive than most conventional mattresses, and this one was no exception, but pricing here was good for what's out there.

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