Review: The Biltmore Bed by Charles P. Rogers

Review: The Biltmore Bed by Charles P. Rogers

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 31, 2015

Bed: Biltmore Bed with Madera Platform
Manufacturer: Charles P. Rogers
Retail Price: $799 (queen mattress) + $699 (wood platform)

In June and July we settled nicely into this very comfortable and affordable bed from C.P. Rogers. A traditional mattress, with a nice big topper, this coil, foam and cotton/polyester didn't win us over for sustainability or naturalness, but it was a good night's sleep. Our experience? While it didn't wow us in any way, we both slept well on this bed and had no arguments - which can be a good thing when there's a marriage at stake. :-)

C. P. Rogers has been making beds since 1855 in New York City. It is therefore tremendously impressive and a testament to the quality of their business that they are still doing it today in 2011.

→ Do you sleep on a C.P. Rogers bed? If yes, please let me know in the comments how it's going for you.

While they specialize in beds of all kinds (including custom made beds, and they are particularly well known for their brass beds, which can run between $1,200 and $3,500), their mattress business is targeted at providing four platform mattress solutions, none of which will give you sticker shock. Therefore, this is a great place to get a complete bed if you're buying the frame already, and you might even want to consider just looking at their mattresses alone.

Sleep Experience

• Very Good

This bed didn't surprise us. It was just a very good, consistent sleep experience that had the right amount of firmness and the right amount of softness for our aching bones at the end of the day. While some of the beds we've slept on have been a bit challenging for one or both of us, this bed was relaxing and we both slept well.

The only thing you miss with a mattress/bed like this is the deep give of the more expensive and bespoke mattresses that we tried. Since The Biltmore sits on a platform, you are dealing with a bit of a firmer sleep and it only comes in one soft/hardness which felt equivalent to "medium". Sara likes the firmer sleep, while I've been drawn to the softer sleep. Nevertheless, we both liked this bed.


• Fair

The Biltmore is an impressively well made traditional bed, that has style (love the big letters on the mattress), but seems able to cut costs by not trying too hard in the materials department. While we didn't detect any off-gassing or other unpleasantness from the foam and synthetic construction (as we did with a few others), the use of very few natural materials (only cotton and metal) left us feeling that this was not a bed that we would keep our whole lives or really want to invest in as a primary mattress if we could afford better materials. But we are snobby about that stuff, I'll admit.

From the C.P. Rogers website:

• 1000 coil queen/1200 coil king foam encased innerspring mattress.
• 158mm individually pocketed mattress coils.
• Premium cotton/synthetic blend, knit top cover quilted to a soft textile fire barrier (barrier is not chemically treated).
• Pillowtop construction w/7 layers of high quality natural cotton and synthetic foam upholstery. Inner layers are bonded into a single, unified unit prior to assembly (very important for durability).
• Quilted border with 4 sewn handles (rare these days).


• Excellent

Of all the beds we've tested this year so far, only one has come in under $1,000 - the IKEA Erfjord. Given that good beds are hard to find at this price point, we were very impressed with The Biltmore. If you're looking for a very good affordable bed, and this was way more comfortable than the Erfjord, this one and the general selection at C.P. Rogers is a great place to start.

It also occurred to us that the good pricing on these mattresses may be due to the fact that C. P. Rogers is really in the bed business. Point being that these mattresses may actually be underpriced in order to be attractive add ons for bed buyers. If true, I'm sure it's working.

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