The Modkat Litter Box

The Modkat Litter Box

Laure Joliet
Nov 16, 2009

Name: Modkat Litter Box
Price: $180
Rating: Recommend*

Right before we got our new kitten, we started shopping around for an alternative to the litter box we'd been hauling around for years. We needed something covered (she's a kicker and a digger) and wondered if there wasn't something a bit more modern than the aggressively ugly boxes we were used to.

We searched and found a couple of alternatives to a classic litter box but just really didn't have time to DIY a solution. Then we found the ModKat. A simple modern design that definitely appeals to our Eames oriented design direction at home, the Modkat looked to be the best option on the market.

When the ModKat arrived we were a little surprised by how big it was, just slightly larger than our standard litter box mainly because it's taller than our old box. But we loved the design (we chose white, though it comes in an array of poppy colors) and couldn't wait to see how it functioned.

The main difference in approach is the fact that the Modkat offers a 'rooftop entrance'. Instead of entering through a swinging door, the kitties must enter through the top of the box. This has proven to be a godsend as our Hazel is a kicker and a digger, and managed to spray litter out of traditionally hooded litter boxes. With the Modkat she doesn't spray any litter out and because the top has a platform to stand on, most of the excess litter falls back into the box as she exits (instead of all over the floor). She also hasn't had any trouble figuring out where the entrance is. The top platform swivels up so that you can get in to scoop (the scooper is pretty solid and conveniently hangs on the outside of the box) and to pull out the liner.

Second, the resuable liner (which is very similar to an Ikea Blue Bag) is remarkably non-stick and has withstood massive digging and scraping. We haven't traditionally used liners in our boxes so this was a nice bonus. We can pull it out and do all the cleaning with a bag instead of a box. Much less awkward. The only mishap we did have was when we left an Ikea blue bag on the kitchen floor and Hazel went in and, feeling the right texture beneath her feet, decided to do her business right there. So now we have to be careful that we don't leave Ikea bags lying around!

We keep the Modkat in the hallway upstairs by the bedrooms instead of in the bathroom now since people don't notice it as a litter box, it just looks like a cool shiny bin. And since we switched Hazel to Tidy Cat and a box of baking soda (oh and a raw diet) we haven't had any issue with odor (even when we get, um, behind on scooping).

Overall we have to give the Modkat 2 thumbs up for a great, simple design --it's been called the iPod of litter boxes-- and great functionality. We'd love to see a second size that's a bit smaller for small cats and apartments and can't wait to see what other colors they expand into.

Do you have a Modkat or another modern looking litter box? Have you DIY'd something?

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