Revitalizing Your Showerhead

Revitalizing Your Showerhead

Colleen Quinn
Mar 3, 2010

One of the unfortunate realities of renting is often dealing with quirky bathrooms that have seen a lot of wear and tear, and not necessarily a lot of TLC. From dirty grout to rust stains, rental bathrooms can try the patience and abilities of even the most dedicated cleaners. Of all the problems we've encountered though, the most frustrating are those that affect the shower; from poor water pressure to random water spray, mineral deposits in your showerhead can make mornings a challenge.

Of course, replacing the showerhead is always an option, but only if various cleaning tricks fail. The easiest way to clean the showerhead is obviously to remove it, but that can be a challenge for those of us with old fixtures (or no tools!) Fortunately there are two easy ways to clean your showerhead in place with agents you may already have in the home- vinegar or denture cleaner.

Fill a plastic bag or tub (we use the plastic soup containers from our local Chinese restaurant) or even a child's bucket with either warm water and vinegar or warm water and two foaming denture cleaning tablets. Tape the bag/tub/bucket over the showerhear and leave it soaking overnight. In the morning, remove the container and flush some hot water through the showerhead. If you still see any deposits, scrub the surface with an old toothbrush to remove them.

Once you've done the initial showehead cleaning, we recommend soaking it a couple of times a year just to keep everything nice and clean. If you've never cleaned your showerhead, you may be surprised by the difference; this is always top on our list of projects when first moving into a new space.

Oh, and if you buy a package of denture tablets, throw a couple in your toilet bowl for a foaming cleaser that really makes the bowl shine.

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