RGB Pendant Lamp Pays Tribute to Color

It’s the same model of light that makes the images on our TVs and computer screens come to life, so why not use it in our living rooms? The mischlichtRGB pendant lamp uses the “red+green+blue=white” model of color mixing to create a uniquely geeky light fixture.

From German and Swiss team Fabian Nehne and Martin Meier, the mischlichtRGB pendant lamp shines in shades of red, green and blue—mixing together to give off a cocktail of colored beams with white in the center, just as it should be.

The shape and design of the lamp itself resembles a popular graphic representation of red, green and blue color mixing, the one where cyan, magenta and yellow come peeking out.

But most of all, we dig it because it looks modern, refusing to give up great bones for a good concept. We could see this white pendant lamp looking completely cozy in an urban loft.