Rickrack Pillowcases: Zigs, Zags, & Zzzzs

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

My home design inspiration binder contains a page I tore from the December 2003 issue of Martha Stewart Living, featuring extra-large rickrack sewn onto snow white pillowcases. Over seven years have gone by and I still haven’t attempted this project…but maybe you will?

Though I am usually such a plain Jane (white & grey only, please!), the cheerful, simple, graphic nature of rickrack really appeals to me…though I think I would use grey rickrack, if such a thing exists. Grey would evoke clouds, and white or cream would be pretty dreamy, too. But then every time I look at that photo above I think, “Red! So cute!”.

The article recommends Masterstroke Canada and Hancock Fabrics as good sources for rickrack, but it looks like Purl Soho currently has the best selection of the 3/4″ size. In San Francisco I’ve seen giant rickrack at Fabric Outlet SF on Mission at 17th.

In the magazine, the same instructions are given for embellishing pillowcases and stocking, so please see these instructions if you’d like to attempt this project. Please tell us how it goes! Perhaps your triumph will encourage me to get over my fear of sewing projects and finally, finally make these my own.

Image: Photo by Tess Wilson, Martha Stewart Living feature photographed by Maura McEvoy