Ride More Safely at Night with Bike Tire LED Revolights

Ride More Safely at Night with Bike Tire LED Revolights

Laura E. Hall
Aug 24, 2011

Even for experienced bikers, riding can be a gamble, especially at night. In the evening hours, bikes are required to have front and rear lamps, and though many bikers also don reflective gear or clip-on lights, poor visibility from the side is a known factor in many car-bike collisions -- a problem that this Kickstarter project seeks to remedy.

The Revolights bike light solution is a wheel-mounted LED light designed specifically for increased bike safety at night. The lights clip to your bike rims and are attachable and removable only when the bike tire is unmounted, to prevent theft.

Wheels in motion appear to be full circles of light (in the video they appear to blink, which is " an effect from the camera. The human eye will see a solid arc, in person, due to a phenomenon called persistence of vision"), and the Revolights also provide path illumination with what light the system casts in front of and behind the bike.

The prototype is in its fourth incarnation, and the unit is currently powered for four hours by a battery; future versions will be designed to be self-recharging. The Kickstarter project itself is at nearly twice its funding goal, with more than a month remaining, so join and throw some money their way if you like their ideas.

We covered a similar system, Project Aura, in our post on Tech Security and Safety Solutions for the Biking Enthusiast. However, the Revolights are nearing production, and according to their Kickstarter project page, the product will be ready for shipping by the end of 2011 with all the final features added, and will retail for $220.

Want to back some other bike-related tech projects on Kickstarter? Check out the YouTurn turn signal glove, another nighttime bike safety project, or the Pumptire, a self-inflating tire.

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