Ridiculously Expensive...But We Still Want One: KANZ Field Power Desk

Ridiculously Expensive...But We Still Want One: KANZ Field Power Desk

Gregory Han
Sep 13, 2012

Utterly and completely ridiculous. A $2495-$2995 portable desk made for glamping (glamorous camping). Yet...I totally understand the appeal and want one of these for myself, the compact fold-open desk evoking fantasies of bring along the 37lbs desk to work up in the mountains amongst Douglas Firs, the desert surrounded by Joshua Trees, or at the coastline with only the sound of the keyboard and waves...my laptop powered by high efficiency GoalZero lithium ion batteries and solar panels, illuminated by a flexible desktop light when the sun sets...

The KANZ Field Power Desk comes in two editions, the Field Power Desk 120 and the Field Power Desk 240, the only difference being the total amount of juice each desk can provide for your laptop and electronic devices (3 hours vs 6 hours). You can kit out these desks further with additional accessories like lights, speakers and other extension cables and adaptors are available...why not, when you can afford a $2,500+ desk for camping?

Clay Knight of Safarious got to preview the Kanz Field Power Desk during the Overland Expo and snapped this photo for size reference.

You're probably wondering the same thing I did (after imagining spending that sort of money): sure you can work from a desk like this, but what about an internet connection out in the great wilderness? KANZ recommends outfitting your TRON-meets-Thoreau setup with an internet satellite routers like the Hughes 9202...what's another $2700 while you're daydreaming about a post-lottery lifestyle?

(Via Gizmodo)

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