This Sculptural Japanese Cat Tree Is Gorgeous — But It Will Cost You

published Jan 5, 2018
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Anyone who’s ever had a feline friend knows how hideous those carpeted cat trees are. Here’s one extremely stylish alternative out of Japan—though it’ll cost you.

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Japanese pet product company RINN teamed up with Tokyo-based designer Yoh Kamiyama to create the NEKO cat tree, a circular cat-centric contraption that will definitely make your home more fun for its feline occupants—and drain your wallet at 1 million yen (roughly $8,800).

The cat tree is crafted from wooden dowels that form an eye-catching geometric pattern. A marble base supports the structure and connects to a scratching post covered in hemp cord. A side door provides access to the interior of the structure. Additionally, the artistic chill spot for felines features hardwood sourced from the Japan’s Hida region.

Each of the three floors is covered in grey Kvadrat felt, and well-placed holes allow the cats to easily climb between levels. The space between each post lets in plenty light and also allows cats to peek through the slats to steal discreet glances at what’s happening outside their multi-tiered tree haven.

Of its modern cat tree, the designers told Dezeen:

The spaces in between each cylindrical post provide glimpses, and thus convey the mutual presence, of both cat and human, maintaining a furtive connection between the two for a greater intimacy.

Additionally, RINN described the intention behind the wood and marble combination as a “cultural fusion between the wooden materials of the East, and the stone materials of the West.”

A cat tree that incorporates comfort, culture and style should meet even the most finicky feline’s approval.

You can check out more about the tree on RINN’s website.