Road Trip Flashback: Forced Family Fun

Road Trip Flashback: Forced Family Fun

Grace Shu
Aug 8, 2008

As we're nearing the last leg of summer, we started reminiscing about family road trips. My parents were the proud owners of a 1984 Oldsmobile station wagon: the kind with wood paneling on the side and the requisite backseat that folded open to face the person so unlucky to be driving behind us.

Every summer, we'd take a road trip somewhere that should have lasted a week; and, at the very least one, often two, (and if we were in rare form, all three) of the following things would happen during our requisite family road trip:
1. I would get motion sickness and experience an upheaval of Denny's pancakes that would miss the intended target of an empty Burger King bag.
2. One of us would forget something at the hotel; and despite much pleading, there would be no turning back to get it (but we'd be served a lecture about the responsibilities of remembering our personal items).
3. We'd get lost due to our inability to keep track of the AAA flip maps, even though the nice travel agent would highlight the route on every single page.

Looking back now, we're able to laugh at these trips and even think back on them fondly (but mainly as a source of embarrassment to each other). And even though we say to each other, "Man, I'm so glad we don't take family road trips anymore!," I think we're all secretly glad we did, especially at a time when family vehicles didn't come with built-in DVD players and cell phones were the size and weight of a brick.

Do you have a funny family road trip memory? Share it with us in the comments!

[ Photo from Mark Potter's Flickr ]

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