Robotic Infrared Motion Sensing...Mousetrap Coffee Table?!

Robotic Infrared Motion Sensing...Mousetrap Coffee Table?!

Gregory Han
Jan 30, 2009

You read that correctly, the piece of furniture above not only plays the role over everyday coffee table to kick up your feet onto, but is uniquely been designed to attract uninvited rodents into a detention cell that we imagine looks something like the rooms in the movie Cube. More details below...

The obviously concept-only table designed by Auger-loizeau and Alex Zivanovic uses a a motion detecting sensor which detects in the infrared range, with a mouse side opening in one of the legs which can be baited to invite your little Gerry to a permanent vacation. Any motion activates an iris which closes like those spaceship doorways from your favourite sci-fi flick, dropping the mouse into a microbial fuel cell housed under the table (which we assume means the poor little fella is going to be "consumed" by the table to produce energy for its next victim. It's sort of like IKEA and a Venus Fly Trap got busy and knocked out one helluva a Little Shop of Horrors piece of furniture.

And then there is their Lampshade Robot which operates like one modern take of the bug zapper:

Flies and moths are naturally attracted to light. This lamp shade has holes based on the form of the pitcher plant enabling access for the insects but no escape. Eventually they expire and fall into the microbial fuel cell underneath. This generates the electricity to power a series of LEDs located at the bottom of the shade. These are activated when the house lights are turned off.

Creepy, but quite ingenious!

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