Robots At Home

Robots At Home

Joel Pirela
Dec 17, 2010

That may happen sooner than what you think. Don't expect a C3PO looking android, but more like a design based on the task they have to perform around the house. Imagine one with suction cups and built-in squeegee for cleaning your windows. We already have seen the Roomba and it's ability for cleaning our floors and scaring our cats. We've seen prototypes of rolling mini fridges that bring you a cold one. This is the future and it's happening now.

The Wowwee Roboscooper will pick up after you. This six wheeled droid can detect objects on it's own or can be manipulated via remote control or the web. It has a multi directional control and the 6 wheel feature let it rover thru most terrains. You can even load fun phrases and sound effects and has a built in sensor for obstacle avoidance.

The Powerful Neato XV-11 saves you time by automatically vacuuming your entire floor - even deep into corners. It has a RPS Laser Mapping System with a High Performance Vacuum system, which creates a map of everything in its surroundings including furniture, objects, and doorways. Then, it analyzes the room to find doorways and it vacuums the area using a straight line pattern - vacuuming the room methodically, thoroughly, and efficiently - without bumping into furniture or bouncing off of walls. And, it of course avoids stairs. Updates its map continuously so it can either move to the next room to clean it. Or, if done cleaning, it automatically returns to its charging. Your house will be cleaner than it's ever been!

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