Roche Bobois: High-End Hippie Chic

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Browsing through the catalog pages of French sofa company Roche Bobois is sort of like flipping through Vogue — everything is unattainable, but it’s totally worth a look for inspiration, especially if you’re looking for gutsy ideas.

Sofas often come in above the $10,000 mark, so these aren’t exactly affordable. They are beautiful and there’s a lot of mixing and matching of patterns that can inspire similar looks for less. The roomsets are expertly styled with bright colors in unexpected combinations like orange and pink or beige with neon yellow accents.

The idea behind the company is that each piece includes 1) the designer’s stamp and 2) the client’s ability to customize it. For instance, Hans Hopfer’s famous low-slung Mah Jong Sofa has a very unique form and color scheme, but the components can be fitted together in multiple combinations to fit different spaces. Clients can also choose between different upholstery options, bases, and finishes.

Roche Bobois has stores in over 40 countries, and showrooms in several major US cities. For more information, see their store locator.


  1. Rythme Sofa by Missoni Home
  2. Pillows by Jean Paul Gaultier
  3. Preference Sofa from Studio Roche Bobois
  4. Voyage Immobile Modular Sofa by Studio Roche Bobois
  5. Verdana Modular Sofa by Philippe Bouix
  6. Digital Large Sofa by Philippe Bouix
  7. Mah Jong Sofa by Hans Hopfer
  8. Assemblage Collection by Stéphane Lebrun
  9. Shadow Sofa by Hans Hopfer
  10. Anarima Bed from Studio Roche Bobois