Look! RocketFish Travel Mouse

Look! RocketFish Travel Mouse

Jun 1, 2007

We were asked to review the RocketFish Wireless Twister Laser Mouse. Until we had read this detailed review on Epinions, we hadn't realized that RocketFish is a Best Buy in-house brand. In any case, overall this is a really great travel mouse. It retails for $44.99 and is Windows--98 through Vista--and Mac compatible.

Instead of having a mini-me version of a regular size mouse, this one re-thinks how a travel mouse should function...twisting flat for travel, twisting back into a more ergonomic shape for use. The flat panel scroll (instead of a wheel) is silent and quick, and one of our own favorite features.

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We've been using the mouse for over two weeks now, and there are two things we've had to get used to: 1) the smaller size, and 2) the different location of the laser from our usual mouse.

We found ourselves holding our arm in a funny position at first, which was tiring, until we got over it, and then it was fine. The laser is near the "top," if you will (see pic below), instead of the middle of the bottom, which threw us off on minute adjustments we were making during our design work.

The flat panel scroll also functions as a quick-scroll when you press the panel down and move the mouse in the general direction of up or down; it swiftly scrolls in the respective direction. The dongle is small and is entirely contained by the mouse when in place for travel, which also turns the mouse off/on when removed.

Here's the RocketFish when twisted flat for travel; the red button allows you to access customizable features when you load the accompanying software onto your computer. We were skeptical at first, why does a mouse need a software program? What kind of crud is going to be loaded onto our computer? Though we can't personally vouch for crud not being loaded onto your computer through this software, it appear innocuous, and adds another useful dimension of functionality.

Here's the "bottom" view...you can see we weren't using the travel case it came with, and therefore, the glossy black surface is getting scratched and scuffed.

If you'd like even more detail, check out the Epinions review.

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