Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent: Cloth Diapers That Rock & Roll?

Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent: Cloth Diapers That Rock & Roll?

Lauren Pavao
Jan 18, 2013

Product: Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent
Price: starting at $14.95
Rating: Strong Recommend*

Laundry detergent is one of those products I didn't give much thought to until I entered the world of cloth diapering. Prior to cloth diapers, my requirements for a detergent were simple: (1) all natural ingredients and (2) as cheap as possible considering requirement #1. Fighting a constant battle against diaper rash, skin sensitivity, and—let's be frank, we are talking about diapers after all—poop stains, however, quickly placed me on a mission to find a detergent that cleans like the dickens, leaves no residue, and is gentle enough for tiny bums. Enter Rockin' Green.

A long time user of Charlie's Soap for both laundry and general household cleaning, I was hesitant to try a new detergent when I began cloth diapering. I'd heard talk of Rockin' Green from other cloth diapering folks but mostly ignored their rave reviews. If I'm being completely honest, Rockin' Green's "Smashing Watermelons" scent made my stomach turn a bit, and their somewhat cheesy packaging turned me off (I know, I know, I totally judged a book by its cover).

Fast forward about four months, and I had a stash of stained, smelly cloth diapers that had gotten stiffer over time rather than softer. And hanging them on the line only removed stains for a bit; washing without detergent did not make them any softer. They had also started leaking, though I wasn't sure if they had lost their absorbency, or if my daughter's being older meant that she needed more liners. I tried Seventh Generation's "Free and Clear" laundry detergent for a few weeks, but saw no difference in the diapers, plus it seemed to irritate my daughter's skin. (According to the folks at the Diaper Jungle, this is because it contains enzymes.)

On the advice of a friend who sells and uses Rockin' Green, I finally ordered a bag of "Classic Rock Lavender Mint Revival" from her. After one wash, I was an official groupie. My diapers were stain-free, fresh-smelling, and as soft and flexible as they had been when they were new! And believe it or not, the diapers have stopped leaking, which means they've regained their absorbancy. A month later, I'm still in love with Rockin' Green. I use it now with all of my laundry, not just diapers.

Rockin' Green's original formula ("Classic Rock") is specifically meant to work with cloth diapering, so the best cleaning process for diapers is clearly explained on the package. They've even created three formulas based on water types: "Classic Rock" for medium water, "Soft Rock" for soft water, and "Hard Rock" for, you guessed it, hard water. Not sure which you have? This map from Rockin' Green helps you get started.

Though I tend to lean toward unscented products, I tried the "Lavender Mint Revival" because that was all my friend had available at the time. The scent is mild, and I am surprised at how much I enjoy it, but Rockin' Green's scents are achieved via natural oils that rinse away. This means the scent is only noticeable before the detergent goes into the washer. It's nice that the scent doesn't linger, but it does seem a bit unnecessary to have a scent that doesn't last beyond the package it comes in.

Rockin' Green can also be difficult to track down in a local retail store, so ordering online or through a seller in your area may be the only way to get it. If you're interested in Rockin' Green but not ready to commit to using a detergent that you can't pick up while on a grocery run, you can order a sample (only 85 cents!) from their site.

Rockin' Green's rock & roll theme is cheesy, but the product is not. It gets rid of poop stains, it doesn't coat diapers, and it doesn't irritate sensitive bums. It's earth-friendly, easy on the wallet, and it works. If you're happy with your detergent, stick with it. But if you're looking for something new, Rockin' Green is worth a try.

  • It works!
  • Three formulas based on water types
  • All natural ingredients
  • No enzymes to irritate baby's skin
  • Minimal packaging
  • Yummy scents


  • Not widely available

  • A little pricier than other natural detergents (though not by much)

  • I can't let it go; that watermelon scent still kind of grosses me out.

Our Rating:
Strong Recommend*
Weak Recommend
Don't Recommend

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(Image: Lauren Pavao)

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