A Rockin' Audience Reception Room

A Rockin' Audience Reception Room

Katie Steuernagle
Sep 18, 2012

Did you see what Bob and Cortney did last week? They made over the audience reception room of the Wendy Williams show. What does this have to do with me, you ask? I don't have an audience reception room, you say. Exactly!

Interior design inspiration can come from anywhere. Sure, seeing an actual home can light your design fire, but if you want to dream outside the drywall box, look further. Museums, boutiques, gardens, restaurants, audience reception rooms. My sister, who has great taste and a beautiful home, once said to me that good interior design should come from a sense of history, a sense of humor, and a sense of something else I forgot. Maybe style? What was it she said? A sense of smell? The point is that everyone always says your home should be a reflection of yourself. So how do you do that?

Pink and sparkly may not be your thing, but the question to ask yourself, then, is "what is my thing?". And to answer that, you have to go out into the world with open eyes and fearlessly embrace the things you love: the faux crocodile booth you saw at a restaurant, the trees in Central Park, the chaos of a junk shop, a lamp you recall from your grandmother's house. And when you thoughtfully reassemble all these bits of inspiration into you home, then your home will be a reflection of who you are.

Bob and Cortney looked to artist Luke Dubois and his computer-altered video of 50 iconic Hollywood kisses, fashion designer Norma Kamali, NYC nightclubs, and functional restaurant seating for inspiration in this space — and then added a glittery sprinkling of Wendy Williams to top it off.

Personally, I ate this room up like a pack of Pop Rocks because I'm putting my house on the market in a few months and every design decision I make lately is geared toward making it a bland, blank slate to appeal to the masses. So a photo booth, a DJ booth, faux crocodile ottomans with built-in Jolly Rancher storage, and clumps of flowers hanging from the ceiling made me so happy that I know something sweet and hot pink seeped into my subconscious to make a modified reappearance in my future home.

(Images: Matthew Williams)

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