RockMelt: The Social Web Browser

RockMelt is an interesting take on the web browser, with tight integration with many of the social networking avenues many of us use on a daily basis. Built upon the foundations of Chromium, the open source project behind Google’s Chrome browser, this browser takes the idea of sharing content to the extreme. What do you think?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

From the RockMelt team blog:

Wherever you go on the Internet, RockMelt makes the Web a personal experience. Because RockMelt is the first browser you log into, it unlocks your Web experience with your Facebook friends, your feeds, your favorite services, even your bookmarks and preferences. RockMelt is also the first browser to be fully backed by the cloud. This means you can access your personal browsing experience from anywhere, and you get quick updates from the people and sites that are important to you.

Behind the scenes, RockMelt is always working on your behalf. Do you visit the same site 10 times a day, checking for new posts or updates? Well, RockMelt keeps track of all your favorite sites for you, alerting you when a new story comes out, a friend posts new pictures, or a new video is available. And when you open a RockMelt feed, the content is already waiting for you. You can Like, comment, reply, retweet, share – all the actions you’ve come to expect from each service you follow.