16 Design-Centric Ways to Create a More Romantic Bedroom

updated Jan 27, 2023
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Interested in creating a little more bedroom romance? While images of Vegas-style honeymoon suites with heart-shaped beds may be what first come to mind, there are plenty of more subtle, stylish ways to create a cozy cocoon for you and your partner. Take a design cue from these inspiring bedrooms where romance takes the lead in the chicest ways to create the perfect ambiance for your sleep space, no matter your style preferences or budget. 

1. Go ahead and play up the drama factor.

Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner maximalist or color enthusiast! Painting your bedroom a bold, bright red, as shown in this L.A. loft, was a rewarding move for a color-loving couple as their bedroom feels anything but cheesy. The vivid hue is balanced out with crisp, white bedding and a traditional wrought-iron bed for a space that feels as romantic as your favorite hotel’s honeymoon suite. 

2. Set the mood with candles.

Filling your bedroom with candles can easily cross over from utterly romantic to a scene from a 1970’s honeymoon. Ensure your bedroom remains in the 21st century by opting for candle sconces on either side of the bed, like this find from Ballard Designs. This way, you can still achieve an ambient retreat without being tempted to go overboard on the tapers.

3. Upgrade your bedding.

There’s nothing that will kill the mood quite like a pair of old, ratty sheets or a duvet that’s long past its prime. In need of some inspiration? Try out a luxurious linen bedding set from British-based Piglet in Bed in a range of pretty pastels or check out Red Land Cotton’s crisp, cool percale sheets that are perfect for those living in warmer climes.

Credit: Overland

4. Invest in a decadent rug.

Filling your sacred space with plush textures is a sure fire way to create a more indulgent bedroom. Consider splurging on a premium, silky soft sheepskin rug from Overland, which will instantly make your retreat feel more luxurious. Warning: You may be tempted to purchase one for every room in the house.

Credit: Dustin Walker for Hutch (Styling: Aisling Mittman)

5. Layer on the textures.

Actress Becca Tobin had the right idea in decorating the primary bedroom of the Los Angeles home she shares with her husband and pup. Linen bedding, a plush comforter, and maybe even a throw are key to creating a sumptuous bed that is both soothing and inviting.

6. Vary the lighting.

“Setting the mood” typically starts with adjusting the lights, so it’s key to make sure you have some variety. This Pennsylvania townhouse features the combination of an overhead fixture (with fabric shades to diffuse the light), a floor lamp, and a gooseneck sconce with a frosted glass shade. Layered lighting will ensure that you have an option for reading and romance.

7. Champion moody paint colors.

Few things say romance like a dark-walled room. Moody paint colors can give a sense of European elegance to your room, especially if you can keep the bedding and window treatments on the brighter side. Take a cue from this Oakland apartment that offsets a navy backdrop with bright green plants and billowy white textiles for a dreamy sleep space. 

8. Turn up the cozy factor.

Calling all shag rugs and faux fur throws—anything you can sink your toes into! Don’t be afraid to double down on texture, but keep your palette subdued so things don’t start getting too gauche. Take notes from this Southern California abode for inspiration.

9. Spring for the canopy.

Canopy beds have come a long way from the ones you’ll find in a favorite period piece. There are plenty of sleek and modern versions on the market, like this Chicago home’s find from Room & Board, that will give your primary suite a grand dose of elegance. 

10. Turn up the heat.

You likely have far less control over the architecture of your room than say, how many throw pillows grace the bed, but if you’re about to embark on a renovation or a new build, adding a fireplace is the perfect way to romanticize your retreat. 

11. Make yourself blush.

Want to know a designer secret? Painting bedrooms or bathrooms in a soft shade of pink can make *almost* everything (and everyone) in it look amazing. Opt for a hue in a “peachy” realm, like the soft walls in the main bedroom of this Australian abode.

Credit: Sylvie Li

12. Get low.

There’s something romantic and bohemian about keeping your bed frameless and on the floor, but that’s no excuse to live like a vagabond. Keep your room looking like pulled together with artful pops of color, along with a few vintage finds and artwork inspired by your dream destinations.

13. Take a walk on the wild side.

The bedroom is often overlooked as a spot for housing plants, but as long as the light is conducive, it can be a great place to curate a botanical oasis. The bedroom of this London flat features crisp greenery cutting through the chalky, moodier walls that makes for a one-of-a-kind space.

Credit: Viv Yapp

14. Lean into velvet.

There’s no denying the seductive power of velvet, and it just so happens to be a fantastic fabric for an upholstered bed, as shown in this Bristol, U.K. home. It catches the light beautifully and gives off serious lavish vibes.

15. Or, ditch color altogether.

When the eye has less to focus on, it’s easier to see what’s directly in front of you. This New Orleans home proves that all-white color palette doesn’t have to equate to boring though. Bring in textures and patterned textiles, deck the walls with art, and add in some potted greenery, and you’ll have yourself a picture-perfect spot.

16. Embrace monochrome.

If white walls aren’t your thing, pick a saturated hue and run with it—we’re talking walls, furniture, and bedding. This bedroom in a designer’s L.A. home is full of zest and takes on the cheery color with ease, thanks to the slight variations in tone and the high-contrast pops of green.