Room and Board Couch Round-up Part 3: Rating the Good, the Bad and the Un-Comfy

dean couch .jpgThese are the couches that make us blue. Mostly because they gave us a false sense of hope. They looked like they would be just perfect, but it seems that so many R&B couches suffer from short seats and straight backs. Here, sadly are the losers.

  • The Dean – (Seen above) This one forces you into an uncomfortable slouch when you sit, which for us is not a good thing. (86″-$1,400) metro couch.jpg
  • The Metro – This is the sink in in a bad way. Not too comfy. (75″-$1,350) flanagan couch.jpg
  • The Flanagen – Forces you to sit upright- like taking tea with the queen. Not great. (79″-$1000) pennington couch.jpg
  • The Pennington – We wrote down the word “fine” for this. If someone said we looked “fine”, we’d change.(72″-$950) candacecouch.jpg
  • The Candice – Another upright/not cozy. Why are these all so short-backed?! (71″-$1,200) dublin couch .jpg
  • The Dublin – Straight up- forces you to sit upright. Not great. (73″-$950) porter couch .jpg
  • The Porter – Oy. Sinks way down. Feels like an old couch with bad springs. (71″-$1,300)
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