Room & Board Opens it’s Doors

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

More stuff. New stores come and go with hardly a whimper, but this one might just do some good. Room & Board has just openend in Soho (105 Wooster Street), giving us all a chance to see, touch and feel what we have only seen in catalogs for the past few years. But enough of our words, listen to Sara P.:

Finally the new Room and Board store is open in Soho! This Chicago-based chain (oh well) has a lot going for it. The furniture is a very carefully balanced blend of contemporary and traditional (not as edgy as DWR but not many roll-arm sofas).

The clean lines look great for many urban settings, and the price point is devine (quite a few of the sofas are about $1150 in fabric). Here’s what really makes it a New York venue– many of the furniture pieces have a smaller stature! There are multiple sofas with depths in the low or mid 30″s, and many of the designs also come in a love-seat.

This is a major accomplishment as far as I’m concerned, since other New York establishments seem to think we all have room in our 4000sf McMansions for sprawling pieces of furniture 42″ deep and counting!

(Thanks, Sara!) MGR