Becky’s ‘Beautiful Mess’

Name: Becky
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Type of Home: Loft

Color Inspiration: I was inspired by the natural light of my space, and 7 years of “renter’s white.” My partner was not thrilled with the idea of a bold, bright kitchen, but things worked out–we host a lot of visitors and get a lot of compliments!

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Beautiful Mess

Colors Used:
Teal: “Cozumel” Behr
Orange: “Orange Burst” Behr
Green: “Honeydew” Behr
Yellow: “Pineapple Soda” Behr

Color Tip:
-be meticulous with your edges, because the initial pain stinks, but your space will be beautiful instead of a sloppy mess.
-i know my colors are pretty bold, but i took advantage of the fact i dont have a ton of walls to paint. our place is mostly cement and windows, so we went out a limb. our space needed a punch!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
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