Room Refresh: Going Up a Rug Size

Room Refresh: Going Up a Rug Size

Grace Shu
Dec 3, 2008

When we first began furnishing the other half of our living room, we were pretty much at a loss. We went through all sorts of configurations and options in the past year and half: window seats in the corners (which lasted about 6 months before we found a better use for them in our ping pong room)...the white lounge chair was stranded in the middle of a blue-and-white striped island for about 8 months...not to mention our somber navy drapes and stark white corner. All in all, this half of the living room was looking grim. However, thanks to many of your comments that were posted whenever we blogged about our home, we finally took action: The too-small blue-white striped rug has now been replaced...

Our biggest mistake with our old rug was that we simply considered the size of it (4' x 6') without factoring the scale of the stripes or how big our chair was. Looking back, a 4' x 6' rug would have worked in the corner if the rug design was more intricate and if the chair we had was smaller and less bulky.

The new rug is Herbie-approved.

When it finally came time (read: when it was on sale) to spring for the new rug, we decided to go up a size (6' x 9') and tie in more colors. The new rug now runs the same length of the white shag we currently have, and it ties in more of the reds and browns of our fireplace. The old rug is now in our small office where it...sort of...fits. Final verdict? We were really surprised by how much of a difference it makes getting the right size rug to fit our furniture--the room feels more unified, inviting, and cozy. Granted, there's a lot of stuff we'd like to change in the room (adding lamps and getting decent end tables is next on the list), but at the very least, we've been spending more time listening to music and reading books than parked in front of the TV.

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