Roomark: Anne-Marie & Andre 10.21.08

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Our rental apartment living room.

We’ve grown to accept the wall-to-wall carpeting (skipping the vacuum when necessary is much less noticeable!) and tiny baseboards of this rental, but look forward to buying and renovating our own home one day soon. We’ve also built a “wall” out of two bookcases (behind the sofa); our “master bedroom” is on the other side of it. Oddly enough, there are two bedrooms in this apartment–one is a home office and the other is our closet. The bedroom closets are very small and so most of our clothes/shoes are out in the open, on garment racks and shelves–too much clutter to sleep with, which is why we moved our bed to the main room. Might sound strange, but we love it!

– Anne-Marie & Andre

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