Roomba Alternative: This Creepy, Gel-Lookin' Thing

Roomba Alternative: This Creepy, Gel-Lookin' Thing

Anthony Nguyen
May 12, 2009

Despite previous informal studies done have proved that Roomba's do in fact hit every spot if programmed correctly, we're still a bit bummed that ours died within a year, so we've been looking for other alternatives ever since. Luckily for us, Panasonic has just announced their newest cleaning bot to the mass market yesterday at the Tokyo Fiber Senseware expo in Milan. What we didn't expect was a bunch of wormy-pillow gel bugs that would be slugging away and cleaning our floors...

The term "Fukitorimushi" literally translates to "wipe-up bug" in Japanese. So, I guess we shouldn't be surprised of its shape and its means of locomotion that strays a big far from the friendly Roomba circles we've become so accustomed to.

Instead, it uses a flexing and stretching motion (yes, like a bug), but beneath it all, it still behaves much like a Roomba. It utilizes sensors to navigate the floors, searching for dirt and evil floor germs that might harm you, and like a good cleaning-bot, gladly cleans and absorbs all of it for you. When it runs low on power, it runs back to its docking station for a quick recharge.

Now come and watch this little furry in action. Go, Fukitorimushi, go!

(Via Crave)

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